RootSearch Services

Threat Assessment Analysis

We provide speciffc, local threat alerts to individual organisations based on information identiffed via monitoring and threat protection services.
A system, method and computer program product are provided for assessing threats to a network u tilizing a plurality of data sources. Initially, network data is collected from a plurality of different network data sources. Such data is then aggregated and correlated, after which it is stored. Threats to a network are then assessed utilizing the aggregated and correlated network data.
A database is thus provided for assessing threats to a network utilizing a plurality of data sources. Such database is adapted for collecting network data from a plurality of dierent network data sources including a network analyzer, an antivirus program, a security program, etc. In use, threats to a network may be assessed utilizing the network data in the database.
Threat intelligence bulletins are issued in real time when a threat is assessed as high-severity, or weekly via email when assessed as medium-severity, to all health and care organisations who have subscribed.