RootSearch Services

Data / Cyber Security Analysis
Systematic approach to gathering information

Data collection is important as it helps us to collect, study and record information, do decisions on important issues as well as to approve information about others. It allows us to provide information on a specific topic or area of study.
We at RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited, aims to accumulate one of the largest databases of its friendly in Nigeria. This data will be used in a variety in ways, which will ultimately protect citizens.
We can offer you a tactical path to strengthening your cyber security by developing processes for preventing and responding to an attack and investing in resilient technology
As government agencies, our goal is to provide you the most updated and updated customer information about an individual.
We act as confidentially as possible and keep a small circle of people who have access to so sensitive material.
The Data Security Information Sharing Portal provides up-to-date information on known threats to cyber and data security.